Injection Moulding Machines

What is an Injection Moulding Machine?


An injection moulding machine is a machine that produces plastics through an injection moulding process. The injection moulding process consists of two components being the injection unit, as well as a clamping unit. Through the process of heating and injection, plastic material is put under pressure within a closed metal mould tool. This allows plastics to cool and form into the desired final shape. Due to the efficiency of an injection moulding machine, they are ideal for manufacturers looking to mass produce a certain product. This in turn, helps reduce the individual unit cost of production, resulting in maximum revenue potential. 


Why Should I Buy a Used Injection Moulding Machine?


There are many benefits as to why you should buy a used injection moulding machine. Among these benefits include:


Reduced Short-Term and Long-Term Costs: As opposed to buying a new injection moulding machine which can cost upwards of $500,000+ a used injection machine can work just as well at a fraction of the cost. In terms of the long-term benefit, a used injection moulding machine can significantly minimize scrap rate. As opposed to other CNC machines which may waste material, a quality injection moulding machine will limit overall waste. The end result? A more productive and cost efficient solution.


Streamlined Manufacturing Process: Due to the repeatable and scalable nature of using a moulding machine, this can help ensure consistent production quality for your company. This in turn can also facilitate additional benefits such as a consistent brand image while producing high volumes of products, reducing your cost per unit.


What are the factors I should Consider when looking to buy a plastic moulding machine for sale?


When looking to buy a plastic moulding machine for sale there are a few factors you should consider prior to your purchase. Among these factors include the following:


Type of Plastic Moulding Machine: When looking to buy a plastic moulding machine you can either buy a vertical or horizontal machine. It is important to know what you are planning to produce in order to ensure that you get the right machine that has the capabilities you need. Keep in mind that a horizontal moulding machine cannot perform the same functions as a vertical moulding machine and vice versa. Once you have determined the orientation of your desired machine you also have three additional options. These options include, fully hydraulic, fully electrical or hybrid.  If you’re looking for a machine that requires minimal power utilizing a fully hydraulic motor is the best option. This is because it capitalizes on using a servo pump which makes it extremely efficient. Comparatively, fully electrical options are suitable for facilitating clean working environments. This is because electrical options remove the risk of hydraulic oil leaking onto the floor. Lastly, the hybrid option is a good in-between choice. This is due to its combination of benefits from both previously mentioned options. 


Specification Sheet: In addition to the type of plastic moulding machine, it is also important to consult the specification sheet. The main specifications to look at include the clamp force, intercolumn distance as well as the volume of injection. For more information on what to specifically look for within each specification check out our most recent article that covers the topic in depth.


Where Can I get a reliable Injection Moulding Machine for Sale?

All in all, making a good decision for buying a used moulding machine, stems from working with a trusted supplier. With that being said, if you are looking to purchase a used injection machine, Gizmo Machine Tools Inc. is a Canadian corporation servicing internationally in buying, selling and trading of machinery. Our company focuses on providing customers with an alternative to expensive new machinery. Whether you are looking to tool up for a job or replace existing capital equipment, we have you covered. If you are interested in purchasing or need help with your purchasing decision do not hesitate to contact us and we would be glad to help!

  1. Nissei FS180S36ASE Injection Molding Machine

    Nissei FS180S36ASE Injection Molding Machine

    Hydraulic knock outs
    Core pull


  2. Battenfeld BK T1500/630 Injection Molding Machine

    Battenfeld BK T1500/630 Injection Molding Machine

    Clamping force:1500 kN
    Year: 1995
    Controller: Unilog 4000


  3. Battenfeld BA 2000-1000 Injection Moulding Machine


Memory usage: real: 19922944, emalloc: 19587952
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